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Scholarly piece on lipedema and other fat disorders


Thanks to Catherine Seo of Lipedema Simplified (http://lipoedema-simplified NULL.html) for pointing me to this article by Dr. Karen Herbst: Rare adipose disorders (RADs) masquerading as obesity. (http://www NULL.nature NULL.html) (Scroll down for the lipedema part.) This is a scholarly piece with lots of technical terminology, but one thing I noticed was Dr. Herbst’s ability […]

I am a zebra


It’s a commonly used term in medicine. The analogy goes like this: If you hear hoofbeats, you assume there’s a horse, and you turn around prepared to encounter a horse. But once in a while, it isn’t a horse. It’s a zebra (http://en NULL.wikipedia In my case, the corollary is this: A fat person […]

It’s been a while.


I’ve had a lot going on, of the non-lipedema variety, and didn’t feel moved to keep posting “yep, legs still fat,” so I’ve let this blog languish for a bit. So, an update: I’m still living in a building with an indoor pool, and have benefited a lot from it, both in terms of exercise […]

I am confident. I am worthy of love. I am enough.


So the excellent dancer, writer and activist Ragen Chastain (of Dances With Fat (http://www NULL.danceswithfat saw an ad for Australia’s version of “The Biggest Loser,” in which the contestants bemoaned their empty love lives. The implication, of course, is that if you are larger than whatever “normal” is this week, you don’t deserve love […]

On legs


Aimee Mullins has no legs below the knee and relies on prostheses. I have lipedema, which means my legs are big and painful. Both of us can be defined as “disabled.” Yet Aimee is also an athlete, actress, and model, thanks to a wardrobe of prosthetic legs that allows her to decide how she will […]

A farewell


This past month and more has been largely taken up with the troubles of my sister Alice (http://medford NULL.patch, who died Monday after more than a month in a coma. Like me, Alice had lipedema, and in many ways had it worse than I do, despite being two years younger. This year, she seldom […]

Nurse Virginia


I’ve recently become aware of another lipedema blogger — one who is also a registered nurse! Virgina Garberding (http://www NULL.nursevirginiablog is also the author of a book about aging, Please Get to Know Me (http://www NULL.pleasegettoknowme, which encourages health care providers and family members to remember that elderly people are still people, and […]

Jane’s Little Helper


Lipedema can be depressing. Over and over again, in the lipedema Yahoo group, we hear from women who are shocked, fearful, sad, angry, and just plain down about their condition. In my case, the emotional effects took the form of anxiety, which ramped up around the same time I got my diagnosis (thank you, perimenopause!). It […]

Totally RAD?


There has been some discussion of late on the lipedema Yahoo group about the RAD diet (http://fatdisorders Some people who have tried it say it eases their pain from lipedema by reducing inflammation. RAD stands for Rare Adipose Disorders, of which lipedema is one, and the diet has been reviewed by Dr. Karen Herbst, […]

Exercising and loving it


When it comes to working out, I freely admit that my best sport is napping, followed closely by reading. So why have I suddenly started exercising regularly and reaping the benefits? Simply, I moved to a new apartment building that includes this: Yes, an indoor pool. It’s perfect for me — no need to deal […]