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Scholarly piece on lipedema and other fat disorders


Thanks to Catherine Seo of Lipedema Simplified (http://lipoedema-simplified NULL.html) for pointing me to this article by Dr. Karen Herbst: Rare adipose disorders (RADs) masquerading as obesity. (http://www NULL.nature NULL.html) (Scroll down for the lipedema part.) This is a scholarly piece with lots of technical terminology, but one thing I noticed was Dr. Herbst’s ability […]

Jane’s Little Helper


Lipedema can be depressing. Over and over again, in the lipedema Yahoo group, we hear from women who are shocked, fearful, sad, angry, and just plain down about their condition. In my case, the emotional effects took the form of anxiety, which ramped up around the same time I got my diagnosis (thank you, perimenopause!). It […]