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Scholarly piece on lipedema and other fat disorders

Thanks to Catherine Seo of Lipedema Simplified (http://lipoedema-simplified NULL.html) for pointing me to this article by Dr. Karen Herbst: Rare adipose disorders (RADs) masquerading as obesity. (http://www NULL.nature NULL.html) (Scroll down for the lipedema part.) This is a scholarly piece with lots of technical terminology, but one thing I noticed was Dr. Herbst’s ability to include the psychological and emotional piece in her description of how lipedema affects its patients.

Depression and anxiety are very common in people with lipedema for many reasons including the lengthy time to diagnosis, repeated counseling on diet and exercise by the healthcare community when neither is particularly effective and because of the massive and sometimes rapid body metamorphosis over a lifetime. In one clinic, women with lipedema were found to be more depressed than patients with paralysis.

I’m struggling with some emotions myself these days. It’s been a rough few years — divorce, a spell of unemployment, my sister’s death, my own increasing disability coupled with my dad’s increasing frailty. I take antidepressants. I see a therapist. I am trying to get better — I think there are awesome things I need to do and I want to get to a place where I can do them.

Catherine is doing something awesome — she’s making a documentary on lipedema! I’ve agreed to be interviewed and may end up helping her out on the project. Looking forward to this!

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  1. Pattie

    I hope you find what you need Jane, for I believe you are meant for wonderful things, too – I am sorry to hear of your struggle and want to let you know your work and this blog some 9+ years ago had a big impact on my life; you were there when i was on google looking for “big legs” and trying to figure out why my legs looked so different than everyone elses. Thank you, keep doing what you do and know that we are here for you, as you are there for us – hugs to you!

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