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Thanks Chellie!

Chellie Pingree

(Photo: Bangor Daily News)

I am proud to announce that my Congresswoman, Rep. Chellie Pingree of Maine (http://pingree, today signed on as a cosponsor of HR 2499, the Lymphedema Treatment Act. A bill like this, with no paid lobbyists or big corporate interests behind it, needs all the cosponsors it can get.

Please visit (http://lymphedematreatmentact and find out if your U.S. representative is on the list — and if not, please write him or her a letter! Seriously, this works: Chellie’s signature comes after I (and possibly others in her district) sent her an e-mail with information about the bill and how it would help people like me.

For those coming late to this party: The Lymphedema Treatment Act was started by one woman, Heather Ferguson of North Carolina, whose son has lymphatic issues. If passed, it would improve coverage for lymphedema treatment for those on Medicare, and most private insurers would likely change their rules to match. While lipedema is not lymphedema, many of us have both, and will benefit if our insurers offer better access to preventive treatments.

The best part about this bill is that it will SAVE money for the health care system by preventing infections and disabilities caused by lymphedema in those who do not currently have access to appropriate care. As most of us know, lymphatic conditions are all too often misdiagnosed and mistreated; this bill is a step in raising awareness as well as keeping lymphedema patients healthier.

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  1. Robert Weiss

    Just one small correction to your story for those who came late to the party. The Lymphedema Diagnosis and Treatment Cost-Saving Acts of 2010 and 2011 were first written in 2004 by a lymphedema patient advocate named Robert Weiss who was inspired by his wife Pearl, then a 12-year survivor of breast cancer treatment. He travelled alone to Washington every year between 2002 and 2010 to find a sponsor for his bill.

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