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Nurse Virginia

I’ve recently become aware of another lipedema blogger — one who is also a registered nurse! Virgina Garberding (http://www NULL.nursevirginiablog is also the author of a book about aging, Please Get to Know Me (http://www NULL.pleasegettoknowme, which encourages health care providers and family members to remember that elderly people are still people, and offers help for building a network of caring relationships around your loved one.

Virginia has a unique perspective as a woman with lipedema, mother of a woman with lipedema, and also a caregiver for patients with lipedema. This link (http://www NULL.nursevirginiablog goes to a list of her lipedema-related posts, but I encourage you to explore the rest of her work as well. Her advocacy for thoughtful and individual care of patients will also resonate with those of us who have been “blown off” by health care providers who didn’t take the time to understand our condition.

Like a lot of us, Virginia is developing her own protocol for living with lipedema/lymphedema, motivated in part by the story of a patient who died at 68 from open, infected wounds on her legs. We know that it doesn’t have to be that way.