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Monthly Archives: August 2011

What do you drive?


A visitor to this site wrote to inquire about whether I knew of any vehicles that had better leg room for lipedema patients. She’s currently driving an older Dodge Grand Caravan but finds that even the newer Grand Caravans have issues — there are pockets and suchlike built into the bottoms of the doors that […]

Jane’s Little Helper


Lipedema can be depressing. Over and over again, in the lipedema Yahoo group, we hear from women who are shocked, fearful, sad, angry, and just plain down about their condition.┬áIn my case, the emotional effects took the form of anxiety, which ramped up around the same time I got my diagnosis (thank you, perimenopause!). It […]

Who says big girls can’t move?


For those of you who haven’t already discovered her, I’d like to introduce you to Ragen Chastain, of the Dances with Fat (http://danceswithfat NULL.wordpress blog: Ragen is a talented dancer, but she’s also a great role model for the idea that you can move beautifully and well even when you’re big. I do not […]