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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Totally RAD?


There has been some discussion of late on the lipedema Yahoo group about the RAD diet (http://fatdisorders Some people who have tried it say it eases their pain from lipedema by reducing inflammation. RAD stands for Rare Adipose Disorders, of which lipedema is one, and the diet has been reviewed by Dr. Karen Herbst, […]

Exercising and loving it


When it comes to working out, I freely admit that my best sport is napping, followed closely by reading. So why have I suddenly started exercising regularly and reaping the benefits? Simply, I moved to a new apartment building that includes this: Yes, an indoor pool. It’s perfect for me — no need to deal […]

Relief for itching


Lipedema, particularly when it has progressed to include lymphedema, leaves the skin vulnerable to infections and cellulitis, and skin care is a big part of any new lipedema patient’s learning curve. Before I was diagnosed with lipedema, I had been hospitalized with cellulitis in my legs, and the infection left red blotches on my already […]