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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Sample letters to support HR 4662


Heather Ferguson, the North Carolina mom behind HR 4662, also offers the following sample letters to help lymphedema patients and their friends and supporters to gather Congressional support for this bill. Please personalize these and send them to your representative and senators today! Find your representative (https://writerep NULL.shtml) Find your senators (http://www NULL.senate […]

Lymphedema Awareness radio


Kathryn Krastin, a host of Real Life Radio (http://www NULL.blogtalkradio on the online BlogTalkRadio network, devoted a recent episode to lymphedema and HR 4662 (http://www NULL.govtrack NULL.xpd?bill=h111-4662). Two lymphedema patients, Jenny and Jennifer, discussed their personal stories and took questions from the audience, along with advocating for the bill. Thank you to Kathryn, […]

Welcome Sarah


Another lipedema patient, Sarah, has just gotten in touch with me. She is also writing a blog, Born 2lb Fat (http://www NULL.born2lbfat, chronicling her journey with the disease and trying to get health care. I hope she keeps writing — she’s got a lot to say! Here’s a sample: I am disabled. As much […]

Press Release: Lymphedema treatment bill


From the office of U.S. Rep. Larry Kissell. Thanks to Heather Ferguson for passing this along — and by the way, that’s her and her son Dylan below, and aren’t they adorable? WASHINGTON – Congressman Larry Kissell (NC-08) has introduced legislation which would require Medicare to offer fair treatment coverage for Americans afflicted with primary […]

Michelle: Let’s make a REAL difference


(http://www NULL.szhe NULL.jpg) First Lady Michelle Obama has taken on childhood obesity as a personal cause. I’m concerned about this, first because I think she’s on the wrong track, and second because I think it’s a waste of her intelligence and talents. I’m pleased that Mrs. Obama cares about children’s health, but hope that […]

Bill would expand lymphedema coverage


Thanks to Heather Ferguson of North Carolina and her Congressman, Rep. Larry Kissell, there is now a bill in the U.S. House of Representatives that would be a big step forward for lymphedema diagnosis and treatment in this country. Here’s Heather’s message: Greetings – it is my great pleasure to let you know that yesterday […]