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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Welcome to the Fat Disorders Research Society


I’d like to celebrate the advent of the new Fat Disorders Research Society (http://www NULL.fatdisorders which seeks to raise money to fund research into lipedema (http://fatdisorders, Dercum’s disease (http://fatdisorders, Madelung’s disease and familial multiple lipomatosis (http://fatdisorders, along with related conditions. Much of the content bears the stamp of Dr. Karen Herbst […]

Roundup of recent thoughts


I’ve recently become a fan and follower of The Fat Nutritionist (http://www NULL.fatnutritionist, and I’m delighted to point to this post (http://www NULL.fatnutritionist NULL.php/critical-dietetics/) about an emerging vision in the nutrition community that people are complex, that there are no simple answers to problems of food and fat, and that what we think […]



Amanda, who posted a blog last year about her liposuction surgery for lipedema, has taken it down. I don’t know why, and I hope she’s still healthy and happy, but I am sorry not to know how she is doing. It is hard not to suspect that she has experienced side effects from the surgery […]

"Before" photos


(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)I went to a new therapist this week, Danielle Allain at the Mercy Hospital Lymphedema Clinic in Portland, Maine. She took these “before” photos of my legs and I’m posting them here for reference. Once you know what to look for, lipedema is pretty easy to spot. My case is somewhat […]