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Monthly Archives: November 2009



Today I bit the bullet and sent out my application for a handicapped placard. I don’t like the idea of admitting to being “disabled” — I’d much rather be “abled” and NOT hurt, but the reality is that I do not do well walking long distances or standing for long periods of time. I also […]



This blog tends to hear from me when I’m unhappy about something, and I want to adjust the balance a little. I posted this elsewhere today and I’m adapting it a little for here: I am so very thankful for so much in my life: My dad is alive and happy and I’ve gotten to […]



This summer and fall, it’s becoming more and more clear that this condition is affecting my ability to walk comfortably. I am often stiff when standing up, and walk haltingly, holding on to things, for a few steps until I can get my stride established. When I sit for long periods of time — my […]