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Monthly Archives: February 2008

Using this blog to do a little good


(http://www NULL.lymphaticresearch NULL.php?menu=getinvolved&content=donate-financial&txt=Donate%20Now!)This is kind of a historic moment for this blog. Sometime this month I will get my first check from Google for the ads that appear on this site. $100! Good thing I’m not trying to make a living as a lipedema blogger, huh? When I first started putting the ads up, […]

New compression tights!


The new tights from Jobst are MUCH better than the old Mediven ones — they’re lighter and more flexible, so I don’t feel as weighed down by them as the day goes on. I’ve gotten two pairs, one to wear and one to wash (most insurers pay for this, as the tights have to air-dry […]

Lipedema and depression


A woman posted to the lipedema Yahoo group (http://health NULL.groups today, feeling down and depressed and looking for support as she dealt with negative feelings about her legs and herself. Many caring and helpful members responded, but I don’t have permission from them so I’m only going to quote a small chunk of […]