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Monthly Archives: January 2008

"Here’s your prescription: Lose some weight"


Interesting article from the Washington Post (http://www NULL.washingtonpost NULL.html) about overweight/obese people being discriminated against in health care. Here’s my favorite bit: “Part of the problem is that primary care physicians don’t really have a lot to offer [to obese] patients,” said Arthur Frank, medical director of George Washington University’s Weight Management Program. The […]

Red Crocs


I’ve just ordered a pair of red Crocs from (http://www NULL.lymphedemaproducts They’re the “Silver Cloud” version, meaning the shoe is impregnated with silver to (one hopes) reduce the chance of infection. I do NOT need a new pair of shoes, but what can I say? They were on sale!

Goodbye, Rachel Levin


Rachel Troxell Levin (http://rachellevin NULL.blogspot, one of the founders of Lymphedivas (http://www NULL.lymphedivas, has died at age 38. I never knew her, but I knew her company and saw the results of her creativity and awareness for those of us with lymphedema. I hope that those who knew and loved her, particularly her […]

Welcome to the Fatosphere


Those of us with lipedema, whatever our size, are often subject to criticism from doctors, family members and the general public, who regard us as merely obese (http://organizedwisdom Most of us have horror stories of believing this and blaming ourselves for years or decades because we were unable to lose weight in our lower […]

Back in the water


I’ve been a little down since the holidays, and finally realized that lack of exercise was probably a factor. Mary and I have cut back to one MLD session a week, so I now have time to go back to the gym and swim, and I did it this morning. New bathing suit has the […]

Advice on getting Medicare coverage for lymphedema


Bob Weiss is a genuine lymphedema hero, an advocate who’s helped many people get Medicare to cover their treatments. He has compiled a useful primer on the Medicare appeal process for lymphedema (http://community NULL.breastcancer

All that glitters


(http://www NULL.igigi NULL.jpg)With the encouragement of my fabulous friend Jeff, I purchased this evening dress from (http://www NULL.igigi NULL.cfm/fuseaction/product NULL.display/currentpage/1/fromcat/23/disptype/5/product_id/296) and wore it for the party we threw this evening. My husband — whose hobbies include antiquities dealing and metal detecting — was among those proffering compliments. I figured he would be. […]

An occupational therapist’s day


I’m loving the “In the Trenches” pieces in the New York Times health section, which take us into the workday of someone in the health-care field who might not be a star doctor or a groundbreaking researcher. This week’s piece, Coaching the Comeback, (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.html) is about an occupational therapist who works with […]

Lymphedema and acupuncture


(http://3 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)After the story I mentioned in my last post (http://biglegwoman NULL.blogspot NULL.html) was published, Mary, my therapist, reported getting a phone call from a woman who very kindly explained that we were doing it all wrong, that she’d had acupuncture (http://organizedwisdom for her lymphedema that cured it. Now, in […]

Lymphedema in every mailbox


(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)This is the cover of this month’s issue of Good Health, the newsletter of Goodall Hospital in nearby Sanford, Maine. The blonde is Mary Anderson, my MLD therapist, and the woman lying down with her mouth open is me. I’m probably boring the photographer by explaining everything I know about lipedema […]