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Monthly Archives: November 2007

Manual lymphatic drainage works!


(http://farm3 NULL.static NULL.jpg)I’ve been having MLD for a few weeks now, interrupted by a wonderful but leg-swelling vacation in Virginia Beach. (Photo at right is the view from our hotel.) My therapist, Mary, is a delight — smart, funny (she’s found a number of my ticklish spots), freshly trained and enthusiastic about offering […]

Thank you, patient transporters!


I’ve been away for a bit — on vacation, among other things. More on that later. I was struck by this story (http://www NULL.nytimes NULL.html?th=&adxnnl=1&emc=th&adxnnlx=1195563643-QFzIzEyGYTCYlrYFzUhtzA&pagewanted=all) in today’s New York Times, about the humble “patient transporters,” people whose job it is to wheel stretchers around busy hospitals. Fuat Sarieminli, the man profiled in the story, […]