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Monthly Archives: October 2007

Surgery for lipedema?


Cyndee in the lipedema Yahoo group linked to this German clinic (http://www NULL.lympho-opt NULL.php?id=33&L=1), which offers a good explanation of lipedema and lymphedema (also available in German and Spanish). Their treatment options include surgery, which is controversial among lipedema patients and their health professionals. I’ve seen one scientific article suggesting that it can be […]



I gave Mary, my lymphedema therapist, the address of this blog. She sent me an e-mail: I just read your blog, I love it!!! You are a fantastic person!!! Back atcha, Mary! See you tomorrow!

Mummified Leg, or How I Learned to Love Compression Bandaging


Today Mary did my first round of compression bandaging. This is quite a complex process! First, she wound a thin gauze bandage around the ball of my foot and my toes, to keep fluid from swelling those places up. Next, she put a thin stockinette underbandage on my leg going from my foot up to […]

When the geneticist has a personal stake…


(http://www NULL.nature NULL.jpg)Hugh Rienhoff has a daughter with a genetic disorder — one that no one can identify or understand, never mind treat. Her dad is a geneticist in search of answers. He has sequenced the girl’s DNA and put up a Web site, (http://www NULL.mydaughtersdna, in an effort to publicize her […]

First MLD session


(http://thrivefocusonhealing NULL.jpg)The standard treatment for lymphedema — which is what you get in your legs once lipedema progresses, either at pregnancy or at perimenopause — is: Manual lymphatic drainage (http://www NULL.lymphnotes NULL.php/id/313/) by a competent, trained professional, usually a physical therapist, occupational therapist or nurse, but sometimes a doctor or other professional. This […]

Goodbye, pretty toes


(http://farm3 NULL.static NULL.jpg?v=0)Lipo-lymphedema means I am doomed to have “ugly” legs. This summer I have been indulging myself by getting pedicures and enjoying pretty toes. To attend the conference in Atlanta, I had my toes done in OPI Kennebunkport, which is a slightly more sedate shade than my real favorite, I’m Not Really […]

Health At Every Size


Nice post (http://kateharding by blogger fillyjonk at Shapely Prose about body image and self-acceptance: [Health At Every Size] means something a lot more complex than “fat in body, thin in habits.” It means a life based on something deeper than self-recrimination. And it’s possible for everybody.

Lymphedema video


This video from Discovery Health (http://www NULL.providence NULL.htm) is about lymphedema, and contains some pretty gross images of what can happen to a leg with this condition. It also conveys the impression that there’s only one clinic in the country that deals with this, which is untrue. You can also get lymphedema in one […]

Q&A on lipedema


In this Q&A (http://www NULL.lymphnet NULL.htm) on the National Lymphedema Network site (http://www NULL.lymphnet, Cathryn Thrift answers some basic questions about lipedema. She was one of the presenters at the lipedema-related session during the Atlanta conference, and is both a lymphedema therapy trainer and a lipedema patient herself. Her husband, a very courtly […]



Reflecting on this conference, it occurs to me that I now know far more about the lymphatic system (http://www NULL.lymphnotes NULL.php/id/14/) than many doctors and therapists. Three cheers for all the medical professionals who attended this conference to earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) and help their patients. Among the ones I met were the […]