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Monthly Archives: September 2007

Does Xiao Yang have lipedema?


(http://i115 NULL.photobucket NULL.jpg)Xiao Yang is the leader of an all-fat-girl band in China, whose name translates as “A Thousand Pounds.” (Read more about her on Joy Nash’s awesome blog (http://www NULL.fatrant But I gotta say, look at those LEGS. I wish I had a way to get in touch with Xiao. I’m not […]

Electronic health records: The promise and the reality


Went to the doctor yesterday. My doctor is an awesome human being and I love her dearly. She’s also utterly gorgeous — can you imagine a doctor who can get away with wearing a midriff-baring shirt under her lab coat? On her it looks great, and perfectly appropriate. The office is converting to EHR (electronic […]

It’s a Web site!


(http://organizedwisdom NULL.jpg)I’ve been scarce on this blog, in part because I’ve been scrambling to help launch a new Web site! OrganizedWisdom (http://www NULL.organizedwisdom has been around for a few months, but we’ve changed our model to address a need that I’m sure is familiar to everyone with lipedema: Searching for health information on […]