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Monthly Archives: August 2007

‘One thing I like about fat girls…’


As a lady of considerable substance, I have noted with delight the rise of a number of bloggers who are interested in encouraging women of size to be fashionable and confident. Over at Manolo for the Big Girl, (http://www NULL.manolobig the very talented Plumcake takes this a step further in today’s post (http://manolobig, […]

Lipedema joke


(http://www NULL.library NULL.wisc NULL.jpeg)When you’re dealing with a chronic condition, sometimes it has to get funny. Taffy, a member of the lipedema Yahoo group, referred yesterday to her “cows” — they used to be calves, but they grew up!

Boots for the fatted calf


(http://www NULL.duoboots NULL.jpg)I have basely stolen this headline from the divine Plumcake at Manolo for the Big Girl (http://www NULL.manolobig She is both fashionable and curvalicious, and she finds the most divine things to wear! Plumcake is a deep believer in the power of shoes, and while I cannot possibly hope to don […]

What my legs look like


(http://1 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)I was attending a conference last week and my best friend helped me arrange to put my legs up while the sessions were going on. I took a picture of my legs while showing off my iPhone. Note the toenail polish — not my usual color, but I had my nails […]

Advice to someone who just found out she has lipedema


Every so often, a new person joins the lipedema Yahoo group ( http://groups, having just discovered that there’s a name for what she’s got. Here’s my response to one such newcomer: Welcome Karen! Yes, it has a name, and lots of us have been through the same feelingsof frustration at the medical establishment […]