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Monthly Archives: July 2007



A poster on the lipedema Yahoo group was nervous about her upcoming lymphoscintigraphy test. I’ve never had this, so I looked it up to see what it was all about. Basically, it’s an imaging test, akin in principle to an X-ray or an ultrasound, which lets doctors see how your lymph system works, and compare […]



I hate spam blogs as much as the next person, but I was rather alarmed to discover that mine had been “locked” on suspicion of being spam. For the record, I’m a real person with a real disease blogging about my real life. I run Google ads on this page but do not otherwise accept […]

Completely off topic


(http://blogs NULL.smh NULL.jpg)Call me a tool of the marketing machine. Call me a geek. Call me a showoff. But iGot the iPhone. And iLove it.

Goodbye, Beverly Sills


(http://images NULL.wikia NULL.jpg/300px-Beverlysills NULL.jpg)Opera star Beverly Sills has died (http://www NULL.washingtonpost NULL.html) of cancer. Why is that relevant to this blog? Well, my mother, who also had lipedema, was an opera fan who at one point sang professionally, on a small and local scale. Sills, known for her intelligence and sense of humor […]