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Monthly Archives: June 2007

Some very attractive women in this video


Never heard of this artist before but I must say I think this piece is fun. A lot of people with lipedema get constantly told they’re “fat” because the condition keeps us from losing weight in our lower bodies. So I don’t have a problem posting a little fat-acceptance here.

Swimming and body image


As a fat person, I’ve had bad experiences with exercise facilities in the past — the more upscale the place, the more likely I was to get dirty looks in the locker room, or to be made to feel out of place because I needed to do low-impact exercise. I’m loving this Y — everyone […]



(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg?v=0)I did join the Y, as threatened in a previous post, and yesterday attended the “AM Aqua Blast” class. It was very pleasant — the instructor and several participants welcomed me, and I didn’t feel at all out of place as a fat person. Most of the class regulars are older […]

The Fat Doctor


The Fat Doctor (http://www NULL.fatdoctor has been kind enough to add me to the “Patient Blogs” section of her blogroll. I like her writing and she has an interesting perspective on medicine. She also comes across as simply a nice person — someone who worries about her kid and takes comfort in her faith […]



(http://www NULL.amarall NULL.blogger NULL.jpg)So I am thinking of joining the YMCA, which is pretty much the only place around here to take aquatics classes. Me, to husband: If I get a YMCA membership, should I get a family one so you can go too? Husband: I dunno, would I have to be the […]

In which I contemplate … exercise.


I’m a health editor (http://www NULL.organizedwisdom these days, which means I spend a lot of my time looking at information about how to be healthier. Usually I am looking at this information from a sedentary position while eating something bad for me and drinking Diet Coke. Well, water dripping on stone has an effect, […]

Going to a ball. No glass slippers, please.


(http://memory NULL.loc NULL.gif)My band (http://www NULL.dissonatas is gearing up for one of its big events of the year, a Renaissance ball! One nice thing about historical re-enacting (I’ve mentioned this before) is that in many cases a lady can wear a floor-length dress that conceals the shape of her legs. (Back in those […]

Margaret, Alma, Jo and me


(http://4 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)I am very fond of this photo. The baby at the center is me, age four months. On the right is my mother, Jo, with a delightful expression on her face. On the left is her mother, Margaret, and Alma (“Gram”) is holding me. I post it now because my father […]

I have a chalazion


(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg?v=0)I had no idea these things existed. It’s a little bump in the eyelid — in my case, not painful or itchy or anything, just there. Apparently they are caused by blocked glands, and usually go away on their own in a few weeks. (This is one of those situations where […]