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Monthly Archives: May 2007

I’m going to Atlanta!


I had a lovely chat on the phone last weekend with Joan White, an organizer of the Lymphedema Education & Awareness Program (http://www NULL.lymphedemalighthouse being put on by Lighthouse Lymphedema Network in Georgia. Among other things, there’ll be sessions that deal directly with obesity, lymphedema and lipedema; Medicare and insurance; bandaging and compression, exercise […]

Lymphedema event (with at least one lipedema-related session)


This event seems well worth attending. I’m not sure I’ll be there — I just started this job and am not sure what my vacation time is — but I would encourage others with lipedema to consider attending: LIGHTHOUSE LYMPHEDEMA NETWORK INVITES YOU TO OUR 10th ANNUALLYMPHEDEMA EDUCATION & AWARENESS PROGRAM: “Lymphedema: Empowerment through Knowledge” […]

Three Cheers for Pat O’Connor


(http://2 NULL.bp NULL.blogspot NULL.jpg)The lipedema Yahoo group (http://groups recently found out that its founder, Pat O’Connor, was honored with a “D” Day Award by the Lighthouse Lymphedema Network (http://www NULL.lymphedemalighthouse for his seemingly tireless volunteer work on behalf of lymphedema, lymphoma and related disorders. Pat (http://hometown NULL.html) is a […]

Calling all bloggers!


If you have a blog, LiveJournal or other online resource that deals with lipedema, would you please let me know? One of my goals is to have a comprehensive list of links not only to useful lipedema information, but to people who are experiencing the joys of this condition. It makes a big difference when […]

I’m on stocking strike


My summer compression stockings continue to give me trouble, and for the past few days I’ve just been leaving them off. If problems occur on my legs, I’ll go back to them, but now that I have my home office set up, I’m usually either elevating my legs or moving them, not leaving them down. […]

Well, it’s one way to lose weight


Those of us with lipedema know, to our sorrow, that no matter what we do we will not be able to lose much weight on our lower bodies, particularly the calves and ankles. So yesterday I tried taking it off the top — literally, by having six inches of my long hair cut off. What […]

It Stays, sort of


(http://www NULL.danceshopper NULL.jpg)After hearing of my issues with droopy thigh-high stockings (http://biglegwoman NULL.blogspot NULL.html), Amanda and Mike (who sold me the stockings) gave me a free bottle of It Stays (http://www NULL.healthylegs NULL.html) body adhesive. This is a roll-on, similar to a deodorant, except you roll it on where you want the […]

Tights hanging to dry


(http://www Tights hanging to dry (http://www Originally uploaded by Public Enemy #1 (http://www I wear compression stockings, and wash them every night. They can’t go in the dryer. The other day, my husband observed, “You know, you hang those stockings up every night, and every morning there’s STILL no […]