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Monthly Archives: April 2007

Stoned kitty


(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg?v=0)We all have our little creature comforts. Mine is a footstool. Zenobia’s is catnip. Last night she got into the cabinet, pulled out the bag of catnip and scattered it across the floor, all by herself. And thus I join the time-honored tradition of Friday catblogging.

Lipedema Girl goes to work


Chair: Aeron by Herman Miller (http://www NULL.hermanmiller, bought on eBay (http://www NULL.ebay Desk: EasyChair Workstation (http://www NULL.easychairworkstation Computer: Apple Mac G5 (http://www Footstool: Target (http://www (also stores files) Dress: HolyClothing (http://www NULL.holyclothing Compression stockings: Mediven (http://www NULL.mediusa It’s not perfect — I need to make some […]

Last post from the old desk


(http://cache NULL.jpg)My new desk (http://www NULL.easychairworkstation arrived yesterday and today I took it out of the box and put it together! I am unreasonably pleased that I was able to do this with no masculine assistance whatsoever. I also cleaned out my old desk (two full bags of trash!) and now all […]



(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg?v=0)I’ve had my “summer” compression stockings for several weeks, waiting for it to finally stop being winter. Today it is sunny and nice out and MOST of the snow on the lawn is gone, so I finally put them on. Unlike my winter tights, these are thigh-highs. I thought I would […]

My Aeron is here!


(http://www NULL.hermanmiller NULL.jpg)It was the ultimate symbol of late-’90s dot-com excess — companies that never made a penny but spent thousands of dollars to buy these chairs for their employees. Yet there’s a reason they were (and are) popular at the kind of company where you need to spend 14 hours a day in […]

Outdoor chair with a footstool!


(http://www NULL.koolestproducts NULL.jpg)Let’s just get this over with: I do not camp. Not now, not ever. OK, I did camp once, and when I woke up in the morning and there were slugs all over the tent I was sure that my previous years of non-campitude were the right decision. However, I recognize that […]

What I’m listening to


(http://www NULL.celticlounge love Celtic music — not just traditional stuff, but modern bands like Black 47 and Flogging Molly, which incorporate Celtic themes into rock music. I was excited today to discover Celtic Lounge, (http://www NULL.celticlounge which has an online radio station playing nothing but Celtic music! Yay! I’m discovering some new bands […]

Home office


(http://www NULL.easychairworkstation NULL.jpg)I’m excited! This week, having resumed gainful employment (yay!), I ordered my EasyChair Workstation (http://www NULL.easychairworkstation I'll be able to position my computer, keyboard, mouse and other necessities within easy reach on a wheeled stand that will rotate over my legs while I have my feet up. I’m also getting a […]

Working from home


I’m working from home full-time as of this week. This is wonderful! I wish more organizations would embrace the whole remote-worker thing — I get so much done when I don’t have to spend a lot of the day’s energy driving. Every office needs rules, though. These are mine: 1. Get dressed every day. Just […]

Good news


(http://www NULL.ultimatebackstore NULL.jpg)Two pieces, actually. The first and most important (related to the post below) is that my great-nephew does NOT have leukemia. Yay! Which lets me move on to important topics like shopping. I have a new job (another yay!) that lets me work from home. I’m hoping to use my tax refund […]