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Monthly Archives: March 2007

I’m going to New York!


(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg)A freelance client is flying me into New York City for a meeting this week. I haven’t been there in 10 years, so I’m splurging on a hotel room and spending an extra day playing tourist. Not sure what I’ll do yet, but the Metropolitan Museum of Art is never a […]

My clothing manifesto for big women


Not everyone with lipedema is plus-sized, but quite a number of us are. One factor is that exercising is harder when your legs hurt. Another is the shame and self-loathing many of us feel about not being able to conform to cultural standards of beauty — particularly before we get diagnosed, when we’re likely to […]

Article on lipedema basics


I’m writing on Helium under my real name (Jane is my middle name): I’d be interested to hear from others about whether this article accurately represents the disease, so feel free to comment here. Thanks!

Young lady, thou hast certainly gottest back


Like most women with lipedema, I am, erm, amply blessed in the posterior. Most fashion magazines and health consultants do not favor this body shape, but it’s the one I’ve got — and one that is sometimes found attractive by men. Perhaps the most prominent celebrant of this viewpoint has been the rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot. […]

Dear Oprah Winfrey,


(http://media NULL.nelonen NULL.jpg)After reading Peter Birkenhead’s article in today’s Salon (http://www NULL.html) about your promotion of “The Secret,” a rehashed and rather irresponsible self-help book, I am moved to write and suggest another topic for your show. If Rhonda Byrne, the writer of “The Secret,” is to be believed, we who have […]

Plight of the middle-class and uninsured


The New York Times is following me around! OK, not really, but this story could well be me in a few months. I’m currently paying for COBRA coverage from my old job, but it’s very expensive. Of course, any coverage is very expensive. Anybody want to revive the national health care idea? You got my […]