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Monthly Archives: February 2007

I got laid off last week


Alas. The startup Web company which had seemed like such a great idea last spring had a financial setback and laid off 10 people. I was one of them. And, alas, the world is not clamoring to pay me for writing a lipedema blog, which means I’m seeking writing, editing and Web multimedia work. I’m […]

Got any tattoos?


(http://www NULL.fuzzyco NULL.jpg)Here’s another form of self-expression which is probably a really bad idea when you have lipedema: the ankle tattoo. First of all, if you have legs like mine, the last thing you want to do is draw attention to them! But on a less shallow note, our legs are more vulnerable to […]

Joy of socks


(http://us NULL.st11 NULL.yimg NULL.yimg #2 has just moved here from the West Coast where it is apparently considerably warmer than it is here. Poor thing, she’s trying to acclimate but she’s SO COLD! I, meanwhile, am not only wearing nice warm compression stockings all the time, but also have reached that magical […]