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Monthly Archives: January 2007

Article in You magazine


Thanks to Helen and Pat for making this text available! This appeared in You magazine (a Sunday supplement to the Mail, a British newspaper) on Dec. 24, 2006: Health Editor Sarah Stacey asks the experts for answers to your health queries. Q. My wife suffers from lipoedema, with very swollen lower legs, which measure 60cm […]

If not the patient, then who?


One of my sister’s doctors is questioning her lipedema diagnosis, saying it sounds like a “self-diagnosis.” The thing is, lipedema is so little known in the medical community that many of us who have it wind up educating our own doctors after discovering it, either through Internet research or through a physical therapist. It seems […]



(http://www NULL.italiantourism NULL.jpg)Helen, a member of the lipedema Yahoo group, mentioned that a newspaper magazine in the United Kingdom had an article on lipedema recently, with a link to this blog. So a big shout-out to any new British visitors — I wish I were visiting Britain right now! We’re planning a vacation (not, […]

Crisis averted


(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg?v=0)My dad has been cleared to drive, so I can return to my life, including taking proper care of my legs. I wore my stockings throughout his little episode, but was spending too much time with my feet down and was not paying as much attention as I should to my […]



(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg)This weekend was, um, interesting. My family had scheduled a late Christmas at my house, and my dad got into a car accident on the way there. He may have had a minor heart episode — in any case he lost consciousness and rear-ended a fire truck. You can see the […]