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Monthly Archives: December 2006

I was a bad girl


I was working from home today, and my beloved laptop is in the shop (having suffered the dreaded MacBook Pro Random Shutdown problem). What I should have done was to get up, immediately put on my compression stockings, and then sit down at my desktop computer, which is not currently arranged to allow me to […]

Sisterhood is … lipedemic.


My sister pointed her doctor to this blog, and as a result she has now been officially diagnosed with lipedema. We’ve had some conversations about that in the past week or two, and will talk more when she comes up this weekend for my family’s Christmas. (We do ours after Dec. 25 so that my […]

My stockings


(http://farm1 NULL.static NULL.jpg?v=0)This is not a very good picture but it was the best I could do this afternoon with no one else in the house! Here are my oh-so-gorgeous legs wearing compression stockings. I’m rather proud of the shoes, by the way. I bought two pairs of backless clog/mule kinds of things […]

Basic info on compression stockings


(http://www NULL.newlook NULL.jpg)This image comes from a seller of compression stockings. Naturally, the model has perfectly lovely legs, unlike most of us who actually live with conditions that require such stockings. (Her hair looks a lot like mine, strangely.) The stockings themselves look sheer and fashionable, and indeed some kinds of compression stockings […]

Lipedema vs. lymphedema


Because the two are so similar in name, it’s sometimes interesting for lipedema patients to try to make sure their medical professionals know which one is being talked about. The folks who treat me have been great, but I’ve heard from people who go to the same doctor or therapist more than once before getting […]

Doctor visit


I gave my doctor the URL to this site today, so we’ll see if she visits! I like her very much, and have been going to her for several years. She seemed interested in what I had to say about lipedema, and thought the name of this site was funny. She even admired my lovely […]

New tights at last


My compression stockings are here, after a long wait. Other people have reported having trouble getting them on, but I didn’t have any. Over the course of the day, though, they tended to drift downward and bunch up uncomfortably around the ankles and feet. I’m going to wash them tonight and see if anything changes. […]