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Monthly Archives: November 2006

Foggy day


(http://static NULL.jpg?v=0)I was hoping to get to the gym this week but it didn’t happen — it’s insanely busy in my office. I did take two walks this week — short and slow, since I’m out of shape. One was at night on my street, with an enthusiastic little dog for company. The […]



Things I am thankful for, at this season: My job (and the fact that I can do it with my feet up!) My husband, who is all kinds of good things My dad, who is 77 and is slowing down a bit but still working My favorite aunt, who is moving to Virginia and I’m […]



(http://static NULL.jpg)I’ve been going to the wound clinic every Friday for the last few weeks, and have gotten to know the people there. They’re all incredibly nice — I couldn’t ask for better, more caring treatment. This weekend, the clinic director, Dr. John, is running in a marathon, and to celebrate, the staff […]

Medicare reimbursement for lipedema treatment


Today I sent the following letter to the senior senator from Maine (and a similar one to her colleague, minus the election bit): To: Senator Olympia SnoweRe: Please support the Access to Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Services Improvement Act, S.3963 Dear Senator Snowe: First of all, congratulations on your recent re-election! I look forward to […]

Happy feet


I have a footstool! It is beautiful, upholstered in kind of a red microfiber suede. I have to bring a screwdriver to work tomorrow so I can fasten the little casters on. But I’ve been able to put my feet up for a few hours at work today and it has made a world of […]

Aha, this workstation might work


(http://www NULL.easychairworkstation NULL.jpg)Something like this might be exactly what I need. It’s from a company called EasyChair Workstation (http://www NULL.easychairworkstation I can apparently add extras like a cup holder! Now all I have to do is get some money. Eventually I’d like to create a sort of ideal Lipedema Workstation.

Reclining sofas


(http://www NULL.boscovs NULL.jpg)A fellow member of the lipedema Yahoo group (http://groups is recommending Berkline (http://www NULL.berkline sofas, which have something called Power Recline. Regular recliners aren’t great for people with lipedema, because they don’t make the footstool mechanism tough enough to lift our great big legs. So we’ll be checking that […]


(http://clusterfunction NULL.jpg)I mentioned that I’m doing National Novel Writing Month (http://www NULL.nanowrimo, and while I may or may not reach the goal of 50,000 words by Nov. 30, I am having a lovely time. Fiction offers a chance to see the world in ways we don’t normally get to perceive it. In this […]

The question of surgery


One of the things that comes to mind when thinking about lipedema is the rise of bariatric surgery (gastric bypass). People who have the surgery successfully do lose a lot of weight. However, the nature of lipedemic fat deposits is different from ordinary body fat, and most of the weight loss will be from the […]

Getting better


I’ve been on vacation this week — not a fun traveling vacation, but a nice one nonetheless. I’ve been home for the most part, and since I usually spend a lot of the week traveling and working, it’s nice to not have to leave my hometown. It’s a nice town on the southern coast of […]