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Monthly Archives: October 2006



Just got an e-mail from a charming woman in Tennessee who wrote, “I spent much of yesterday browsing through lymphedema sites (which I’ve had since 2000) and bumped into you. What fun you are and how you brightened my day! I hope you keep your blogs going since I’ll be tuning in.” Way to make […]

My supervisor


This is my cat Zenobia. We’ve been together for 13 years. She is a grumpy old black cat who loves one person and one person only. That person is me. I’m very fortunate. (http://static NULL.jpg?v=0)Since I’ve been putting my feet up more in the last couple of months, she’s been very helpful, stationing […]

Another round


This is getting familiar. Another round of antibiotics, another caution that I have cellulitis, another warning to beware of fevers and redness. My husband is worried about me and afraid I’ll have to go back to the hospital. That’d be a pretty sucky way to spend my vacation, I must say! This is my third […]

Red and angry


Just when I thought my leg was finally healing, it has become hot and red, draining fluid. I’m going to give it a day or so, but I may have to get even MORE antibiotics. This is getting a bit depressing.

Back to normal


Got measured AGAIN for compression stockings yesterday, and had my follow-up visit about my leg wound, which has healed nicely. I don’t think the stocking people get that many custom orders — they measured me once, then called me back twice to have me do measurements they’d forgotten, then called me in again. I should […]

Off topic and damned angry


This is NOT about lipedema, except tangentially as it applies to anyone who deals with managed care in the United States’ health care system. Oh, and it probably will include some intemperate language because I’m very unhappy about it. So. You’ve been warned. For more than a year I have been taking an antidepressant called […]

It could be worse


On days like today, when I have had a crappy day at work and gotten far too little done and spent too much money and oh, yeah, my legs hurt, it is easy to feel sorry for myself. I am reminded, however, that things could be far worse. One of the people in the lipedema […]

Cellulitis again


So the original wound that I got a month or so ago is healing nicely, but there’s been a big itchy rash erupting all around it. Not cool. Back to the Urgent Care this morning. I thought “oh, they’ll give me a prescription for antibiotics and I’ll be right home,” but instead they decided I […]

Just call me fashion victim


Got measured for compression stockings today. They come in two exciting colors, black and beige! Lucky thing I wear black tights all winter anyway…

26 years ago today…


… was a day that changed my life forever. My father came up the stairs to where the kids’ bedrooms were, where we were struggling out of bed and getting ready for school, and told us that our mother was dead. I was 15. Twenty-six years is a long time, and while of course I […]