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Monthly Archives: September 2006

In which I find out what this thing is


I had a minor bout of cellulitis in the spring, and went to a wound clinic at a hospital in a nearby city. The physical therapist there said, “I can tell just by looking at you. You have lipedema.” This was the first time I’d ever heard the word. She went on to recommend a […]

Two more pages worth reading


This article (http://www NULL.canada NULL.html?id=2880e660-5dad-4398-94c5-83f143744cbc) from features quotes from the director of the Vodder School, which trains Manual Lymphatic Drainage therapists. And Tilly Smidt’s page (http://www NULL.tillysmidt NULL.htm) collects a number of articles on lipedema from various perspectives. I found the recommendations of inpatient treatment rather alarming! But perhaps hospitalization is treated […]

Admin note


Installed tracking code from StatCounter (http://www NULL.statcounter today.

First sign of trouble


In the summer of 2003 I was working at a television station, and had trained an intern, Erik, to work on the Web site with me in lieu of the staff I had had to lay off the previous fall. That Fourth of July I was sick, and had to put off a visit from […]

How all this started


There’s a family photo of me when I was 9, sitting on my bike. I’m clearly a child, no hint of womanhood yet, but I have these long, attractive legs. I didn’t think much of my legs then — they were just the things that got me onto my bike and around the neighborhood and […]

Lipedema resources


A great deal of the available medical information about lipedema appears on sites about lymphedema, a related condition that often occurs after an injury or major surgery. Lipedema and Lymphedema Compared (http://www NULL.lymphnotes NULL.php/id/164/) Lipedema (http://www NULL.lymphedema NULL.htm) from Dr. Tony Reid. While his site is selling a specific wrapping product, this article […]

First physical-therapist visit


Karen is smart, very kind, and very helpful. Unfortunately, she had never heard of lipedema before. So I’m gathering up a few internet resources for her today. The plan right now is that I’m going to keep wearing the Tubi-Grip (aka “ugly socks”, which provide a compression effect on my lower legs) until I can […]

Lipedema and me


Lipedema, sometimes spelled lipodema or (in Europe) lipoedema, is a hereditary condition which results in fat deposits on the legs. It virtually always appears in women, usually beginning at puberty and often becoming markedly worse at pregnancy or perimenopause. While many lipedema patients are overweight or obese — among other things, the condition is painful […]